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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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manager making good on promise to make safety top priority. what he's doing today to get back on track. . >> and bad boy bryce harper turning heads for what he did after nats win and why he cursed autumn pier and whether he thinks you'll be fine. >> dramatic video this morning of extreme and taedly weather moving through parts of the united states and taking a look at destruction and tell you where the storm system may be headed. >> first though a live look outside on this tuesday morning it's may 10, 2016 we're going to 14 day straight in the rai rain. much more with weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05678 the weekend gave us sunshine. we're grateful for that i propose. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning" and happening today one day after he spoke one-on-one with fox 35 general manager paul wheat feld set to meet with hundreds of agency managers and the purpose of the meeting
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everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety. >> "fox5" bob barnard is live at the green belt metro station with more, bob. >> hey allison, steve, spoke to a metro ride erin sums it up foreeverybody it's easier getting work and staying off the road and riding metro. he says i'm taking chances. it was ntsb a week ago good and federal transit administering over the weekend both blatting metro for not doing enough to ensure passenger safety since april 23 there's been eight smoke and fire incidents on metro ntsb blasted transit agency for safety oversight system fundamentally flawed. you mentioned paul wheat feld called the meeting of 650 metro managers and supervisor and people will be fired if they don't get on board putting passenger
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make it clear in terms of my priorities and expectations and fact we're running multi-billion business here with people's lives at stake and now federal government fts demanding retreatment for everybody front lines of metro system. there's 13,000 employees and metro friday announced plans to shut down sections of rail line and close sections of repair to repair aging infra struck tour. fta wants slower speeds and shift in trains and priority from on time service to passenger safety. >> everything comes with a price. and passengers want to get where they're going and don't want delays obviously think want to be
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>> well the reliability is sem to getting to work online. just along the red line montgomery to district in the last week or so there's been major delays. single tracking. >> so yes they want reliability but also as this gentleman told us i know i'm taking my chances. it's a tough mind-set and balance that need to be struck that is puzzling to everybody guys >> and he is trying to get them altogether. >> everybody wants safety and reliability. >> another police officer charged in death of freddie gray will be in court for pretrial proceedings edward nero trial is set to begin tomorrow and last month garrett miller was called to testify against him
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reckless endangerment and office khapings. we'll talk about a close are look at what might lie ahead for the trial. . there was a shooting spree. >> 62-year-old eulalio tordil will be held without bail. he did not speak during his first court appearance yesterday. if convicted life in prison without parole and his next court date is june. >> taedly tapping station and killing at least within of them. witnesses say the suspect expressed political motivations during the attack it happened before 4 a.m. at platform. >> massive tore aerial video showed destruction
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enough to turnover tractor trailer. millions in the plains stayed face to face to wicked weather again today. >> we talk about the rain we've had. little bit of rain the last two weeks pretty much. woovr about getting nice hours in the day as well. >> and we have not consistently had a couple nice days. >> exactly. >> wisdom here doesn't he make us feel more grateful when he does that. saturday weren't we like oh, so happy. >> yes, it's true. >> thought of the day. >> you're welcome. >> you may have lots of deep thoughts today when you're driving through rain showers on way to work. 60 this morning in washington and pileder than yesterday, 10 warmer and 58 out in annapolis and 55 this morning leonardtown and to the west. >> and cloud cover and rain showers for tuesday
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rain will not be with us all day but clouds and temperatures will. they taper off to scattered shower activity. much of the last couple weeks we'll keep clouds in the forecast. reason why if you're curious we have a frontal system hung up across the area and as long as it's not moving the weather forecast will not be able to change a lot. we'll keep clouds and threat of rain showers in forecast through 5 p.m. and best chance is first half of day brigham brel awe want it i'll have the 7 day which features various staejz of cloud cover and rain showers over the next few days. >> we'll be that much more grateful. >> we'll get to sunshine. >> there you go. >> miraculously my lawn was mowed yesterday. >> like a neighbor? >> yes. he mode my lawn i want to say thank you. >> that's a big deal. >> i know. >> that's super nice. >> people
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>> or something sitting on my living room. >> we've been tracking a crash involving several cars to one lane and that crash leered that delay is stack being back past icc and you can see now traffic at light once did harts and getting around that delay still in place in silver spring. let's look at maps. new crash upper loop in chevy chase near connecticut avenue and delays stacking up to 20 at the split there and outer loop earlier crash cleared by university and we're still heavy 95, 95 still slow icc to inner loop as well. want to give a head up for metro. we have a delay on silver line. mechanical problem, off loading collarton we'll keep you updated how that is affecting our rail line right now minor delays on silver line and rest of rails on time and maryland
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commute 5 south scash 32 had us jammed 1 0 0 to and things in virginia back up on 95. really heavy delays through stafford nobody side. back to you guys. >> so montgomery county resident that live along proposed purple line if silver spring suing maryland transit authority and class action lawsuit ales mts ashut changing them on purchase price for region. property values increase and they're concerned about saferty of children in the area. 16 mile purposing line extends extends from bethesda to new carlton. >> we've been reporting on elevated levels of led found in water sources of z.c. public schools. >> officials who were under fire spoke out and they did to with "fox5". live outside minor elementary school in northeast
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. >> it's one of those that have had lead tests and came back a asel graded and two last march and it's been inconsistent and there's questions whether it's faixd school system says it is but it's good example of parents asking for more information and now d.c. public schools and city officials are prom is they are changing protocol. they talked with us last fight and talked about the d.c. deputy mayor or education and director of general service as apologizing for spotty record keeping in more communication with schools and parent and obvious levels of lead westbound found in sources at 12 d.c. schools. gx gs record are not complete and some schools say they were never notified. >> we were testing and taking action and not reporting it and we needed to do
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i apologize for that. that has been something we have focused on to correct. >> what i'm folk you us on is how do we never do this again and apology for make that the failure and for causing the panic and scare that some parents are feeling about this. >> well the city has been tes testing drinking water for lead since 2007 in schools and it's now expanded those tests to cover all possible sources of drinking water including sink faucets and spic et cetera as well and city protocol is that the test comes back high and they put a filter on the source and retest ft. lead is still too high water source is taken out of service. deputy mayor miles in also says new tagging and bar coding system will better track those test results for parents and also tracking those retests to too. and also d.c. posted on web site to all washingtonians letting them know they take this seriously and they'll do expanded water testing by june 17 and then also will
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charter schools in the city to make sure they can get their testing and retesting done as well. >> live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> and prince george county a smelley problem leaving residents frustrated it began after trash collection schedules were changed to once a week pickup and change was supposed to take effect may 2 and many say there their trash has not been picked up three weeks. all residents were notified and online resources, >> we apologize for that noise. >> moving on the latest to the white house. trump trying to bring together the republican party. house speaker paul ryan won't decide to support them until after thursday meeting and if trump as him to step down as cochair of national republican convention he woxt speaker of the house says he's not ready to endorse trump and trump doesn't
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he did win out the support of the party. >> the. >> meantime voters and west virginia in nebraska will head to the polls today. >> feds in state of north carolina in legal show down suing each other over the bathroom law. north carolina governor pat mc korey wants to keep the law in place and department of justice firing back saying law is discriminatory and feds are threatening taking state funding over the bill. >> this is about dignity and respect we cord our fellow citizens and laws that we as people and as country have enacted to protect them indeed to protect all of us. >> the case is now in the hands of federal judge. >> coming up latest on that massive wildfire in canada and
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how fire fighters are timely getting a handle on the flames. >> first bryce harper losing kol what he had to say about his choice words forump.
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>> good morning. >> hey, tuck. >> everyone want to know where the weather has been so rotten the last couple weeks. >> it's all about the jet stream. >> this time of year it's so active. >> what is the jelt stream. >> streaming current many thousand and feet in the air. >> it brings us weather. >> it
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weather right in the jet stream which wh it gets out south of us it's cool and wet. >> ill stations. >> right there you got cloud cover. >> looks like a live shot. >> that's cloud cover. we have showers moving if and talking about that as well. >> it's a lecture. >> somebody get mike thomas on the phone. >> it's a light lecture. let's go to maps and we'll start with what's happening across the country. remember we've been talking for the past week about the terrible forest fires in canada. let's set it up as omega block. several sections of country they have record heat up to dan day. we in addition to forest fires they have dry conditions and they've been enjoying heck ever a spring with cream extremely hot temperatures. >> but they're paying for it. >> were few firefighters. >> we're on the down side of things and unseasonably
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cloudy and rain writing. >> will we eventually get the temperatures we --. >> looks like the pattern juan to breakdown in the next ten days. so then i think we will return to what we more typically see that bermuda high we talk about in the summertime and warmer temperatures. most forecasters believe we will have a mott summer. each though cloud cover now let's take rain while we can get it. >> do you see me hiking power pal any time soon. >> um. >> answer is no. >> it's like three out of six for the fees now. >> now we get it tucker it's hear to say but there's science behind it we appreciate it. >> not everybody can have perfect weather basically canada got it the good stuff so we have the balance. >> exactly. while central sections of city remember when nationals were playing cap can city maybe you remember maybe you don't it was gorgeous 75 and sunny. >> and the omega block
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blame. >> somebody less take a vacation. >> out west. >> and 60 durpt temperatures. rain showers quickry i want to show you rain showers across the mid-atlantic. our front is stuck and we talked about big pattern and little pattern and more of the same. >> don't tell them it's raining in canada. >> i said that was patternj lat week. it's startsing to breakdown. . >> you have been to aruba i've never been i want to go. . >> one of my friends is making the trip. >> we're missioning out. >> trachbling terrible inner loop and crash connecticut avenue you're backed up to the 270 spur earlier inner loop crash by university cleared heavy delays continue there and also keep in mind 29 southbound tech road coming out of silver spring
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on slammed from icc down past that point and in addition to that 23 6 little river turnpike and closed westbound between braddock and old columbia pike. detour around that because of accident scene. notice inner loop annandale yellow stop and go traffic and 395 slammed with congestion south service springfield inchange 95 to 14 street bridge as we look 7 westbound erling two lanes blocked cascade parkway with crash scene there 66 inbound slow inside beltway and looking at other delays as we continue. metro right now getting back to silver. back to you. >> thanks, erin. >> hawb sport news check it out it's a 175 million extension. not bad right. 25 million per season and what that breaks down to and official announcement
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expected today the deal is highest ever given to pitcher undergone tommy john surgery. that's rotator type of thing everything right. >> yeah. >> for a pitcher. >> he came back strong. 11 strikeouts last night. >> awesome we look forward to that. meantime bryce harper making waves and losing full ones again. >> he wants these choice words at umpire last night and it all started bottom of ninth game tied at four and danny espinosa strikes out here. espinosa looks back and says have my dad. they starting jawing from the dugout and he got tossed and had a few nice words there with wump and clint anderson gets up and wins game that's where he got tossed. he when to the club out and came back. next batter hit a walk off home
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that's when everybody ran on to the field including happener. >> he runs out to celebrate and then look at him celebrating takes time out to curse him out and goes back to celebrating. >> there you go. >> sometimes you lose your cool. >> it happens. >> we don't like it. >> long season. >> and meantime it is crunch time for capitols team waking newspaper pittsburgh ahead of game 6 tonight. >> down three games to two now must win situation and good news for caps. us is &ed three games he is back on the ice for a hit on pittsburgh peping win player. if capitals win game 7 will be back in washington and thursday night at the verizon center. >> way to go, let's go. >> you're rocking red today. >> we are. >> coming up new information about the so-called panama papers scandal. >> and glimmer of hope doing
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>> 7:24 an up dit on panama papers scandle worldwide corruption case involving rich and famous. 36 americans now tied to the scandal caused of fraud or serious financial mischief and group of journalists published name of offshore companies at heart of scandal and u.s. department of justice launched investigation. >> nearly 90% of buildings in the town of for the mcmurray in canada has survived
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wildfire and albert is premiere rachel put thatly says hospitals in most schools are intact and there's more than 2,000 buildings burned and more than 30,000 people were evacuated and officials say they hope to know soon when residents can return. >> 7:25 now and trizle out there this morning. >> drizzle will become rain showers shortly and in for more of the same. mid 60s daytime highs. cloud cover. look how green everything is. the up side is everything looks green and lush out. there 63 washington and winds out of the east the 3. moving rights back in the rain showers and we're dealing with stationary boundary and front across the area and we get little pieces of he enni enni rukanjarvier jury that roll along that and process we call overrunning and bottom line more rain showers in the forecast today. i think bulk of activity will be first half of the day. so
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scattered and keep umbrella handy here we'll have rain for next couple hours and unfortunately when we look to the west we have more of same. forecast just not going to change a lot any time soon and in fact it may be i apologize for this maybe sunday before we can get rain-free today and today will be day number 13 of rain in a row and that is record. this is most days of rain consecutively in washington in history. >> okay but i distinctly remember sun saturday and nice day sunday you mean any rain like any rain. >> well that was last weekend wasn't it. >> but it's included in 13 days isn't it? >> yes. sunshine on sunday. and then saturday will not be a washout. we'll have a few showers around okay? >> okay. >> i feel like i got a lot of explaining to do today. erin, traffic. >> there's a lot of ang
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people out there. >> we demand you investigate the situation right now for your tuesday morning traffic southeast southwest freeway westbound side crash 6th street southwest because of that jammed back to third street tunnel slow across the third street bridge and inbound bridges dealing with heavy traffic. key bridge jammed douglass bridge, memorial bridge. give yourself extra time. inner loop north side of beltway crash after connecticut avenue jammed 270 past that point and earlier crash outer loop university cleared still jammed as you make way from 95, 95 south jammed icc to beltway and bw parkway there southbound traffic very slow past powder mill as usual and earlier crash 29 southbound tech road cleared still heavy traffic icc down and little river turnpike remains shut down with overturned car and braddock and old columbia you need to detour around that incident. 395 you can
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local things and silver line residual delays offloaded train earlier at largo town center. that's traffic back to you. >> 7:28 now still to come officer charged in death of freddie gray set to go to trial this week. >> coming up talking to criminal defense attorney what we can expect. stay with us.
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♪ welcome back.> welc it is 7:30 on a tuesday morningi cloudy skies out there.ut tre tucker and erin will be along a shortly at 7:35 with your y weather and your traffic. well, after a five-monthive- pause freddie gray trials get g under way this today a hearing will address tht case of officer edward nero n who's trial is due to begin beg tomorrow. nero is one of the six ba
7:31 am
police officers facing charge forts events surrounding thets r death of gray.ath he's not charged with killingil gray but with assault, misconduct and wreck lesses endangerment. today's proceedings couldce significantly limiti what information about gray's arrestt will be available during the dut trial and joining us with what'w going on want we can expect a scott bolden criminal defense df attorney and legal commentator.c good morning.good >> good morning.>> good morn >> tell me how this case is i different from the case thate we've seen so far. so f >> this case is going to focus on the arrest.. most people remember the arrestr because if you apply the but fof test but for nero being theg t arresarresting officer or making arrest with officer miller you u probably wouldn't have thelyou riots. ri you wouldn't have the death ofa freddie gray and so this is what is engrained in most of the public's mind so it will focusls on whether the arrest was legall or not, whether if it was was illegal, can he be charged and a prosecuted for assault? but the other thing your viewers oughtio to look for this is going to bet
7:32 am
there have been no papers filede in regard to a juror juryur j selection and it's pretty smarty foe on the defense part becauseu this is really -- these are technical issues.ue judge is not going to be suede s by any emotion either assault oa not, can he be charged withit assault? just based on a bad arrest most folks think not wreck less endanger fm that'sge the case if he was just the onee helping put freddie gray in the police van, is that enough? sos a lot of legal issues much thism is going to be very different de trial focused on the arrest. ars no not on the death.eea >> give us one line on a bench b trial. is that no jury? >> that's no jury.o that means the judge will be the fact finder and determine thean facts and then will make al m decision based on the law.. >> the ramifications or ther the precedent that might be set witt a guilty verdict here, seems to me that would be wide reaching as far as illegal arrest goss. s sure. >> in city like a baltimorealti especially. can you speak to that?to t >> well all over the country i i mean police officers have to
7:33 am
make snap judgments.udgmts they issue the arrest it's actually the government orm the prosecutor who actually a bring the charges so you couldsu be arrested for a lot of thingst because it's a discretion of tht officer ultimately charged byed the prosecutor. p here if if he's found guilty of assault that would set precedent around the country you'd have ne police makin make making thesese discretionary judgments. judgmes the if he's charged with crimewc you'll see a lot fewer arrestins bees made by police officers.ffr this would be closely watched ba the experts around the country.. >> we have some graphic supportp we want to let the viewer know w about. ou here it is expected prosecution can you speak to these, scott,, oar good that officer nero didn't have the right to dougheh taken cutting a gray -- excuse me, constituted assault and cuffing him rather and officersc responsible for catastrophictrop results for their actions.. >> the catastrophic results i
7:34 am
not foreseeable a loft what we call super 15 intervening actvei that is actually in my opinion o caused the death of freddie gamg the fact of the matter is under the ward law case supreme court case did they have enough eno evidence or did they observeobsv enough with freddie gray toy t reasonably suspect that criminai conduct was a foot? thathat sounded so legal, didn't it., >> it did. >> bottom line, was thereas t reasonable -- facts to supporto reasonable suspicion.asonab the only facts here are thatt their eyes met and then he tookt off running. off ru under the ward low case you neen more than that.ha it says if you're in high crimee area, running can be one factor. but it takes several otherever o factors.s. gestures, sweating, anythinging that would suggest that thehe individual that runs is engagedg in criminal conduct. >> let's look again. aga >> i don't think you have enougi here actually.nkhere a >> let's look again at the lagai charges this officer faces andac how they are different. d second degree assault,ss misconduct in office works
7:35 am
endangerment.ngerment. >> yup.up >> we've also talk -- we talked about the prosecution.t th what do you expect from theexpeh defense? de >> well, i think the defense ise going to make some legal lal arguments at the end of the prosecution's case to say that judge we need a directiveirec verdict they haven't proven pro passion assault because theyause proven a bad arrest. arres they haven't proven wreck less endangerment the officer hasiceh discretion. another he made the arrest hee simply followed policeolice procedure. node idea that freed dee graythe was in distress even though a to lot of people think freddie gray may have been injured before hee even gotn in the van zone you - you're listening author yens hae to be listening for that andfort looking for that as well. w >> come back and join us as thit case unfold us.nfold >> you have me back, i'll bee ml here. >> scott, thank you very much.,h tucker, over to >> allison, thank you.ank y. we got cloud cover, rain showere in the forecast.he f we've got clouds and we've got w temperatures in the mid 60s. 60s i changed my suit i promised.mi whole different day than day tha yesterday although the weather is the same. is t yes, it is.yes,t i 60 now in washington.ashito
7:36 am
boston 48 degrees.grs it's cool to the north and east. and milder and more humid to our south and west and guess what? those two seasons are clashingra right over the mid atlantic andc that's responsible for the clouc cover and the frontal systemal s that just kind of meander ace ma cross our regizoyon and the ri showers which are returned.r there you most of this activity fairlyyai light and won't be with us allhs day. kind of on and off again allll day. we're expecting rain showers s keep an umbrella handy much likk yesterday. much your day will be cloudy any muggy with temperatures in thet mid 60s. 60s as we're just not going to be able to change up this weatherha pattern for a few more days. d mid 60s out there.. enjoy best you y c clouds and showers, 65 degrees r again with temperatures a fewref degrees below i'll have be back we'll look atl the seven day in just a moment.a erin is back with a look at yout roads. >> i am.>> i a 7:36 right now. delays continue. look at this on 395 northbound o stall taking out two right lanel just that left lane is gettingei by on the northbound side byid edsall road.edsall road.
7:37 am
through this point again to thea 14th street bridge extremely exe jammed. ja 395 northbound it will take iil was lot of extra time to getet that was that area fromat alexandria today.ia we'll take look at our p in addition to that in the t district crash on southeast stha southwest freeway.. westbound crash at the sixth t s street southwest area. area delayed back past the third street tunnel. look at 295 from the bottom ofto the beltway on the northboundh side to lavatory road stack pasc that point. p southbound traffic jams fromamso north of 50 all the way down 50w inbound extremely slow. a lot of heavy traffic in theici you can follow me on twitter att erin fox5 d.c. letting you know about that new york avenue inbound delay from south dakotad to bladensburg and then upperer marlboro very slow fromm pennsylvania avenue from mel wood road to woodyard road outrd to dowerhouse road.use silver line residual delayss earlier mechanical problem off loading at largo town centerownr much thing getting back on track there and looking at virginia vi drive times, 95 through stafforr really slow out by the by fredericksburg line as well wel there's crash blocking theing t shoulder. 66 inbound from manassas througs
7:38 am
yourself a lot of extra time. et back to you. ba >> erin, thanks. coming up age old practice t could be putting your newborn aa risk. what new study says abouts abo keeping your baby safe whilewhil swaddling.swaddl >> baby decides to arrive earlyv right in the front seat of a caa along a major highway.. how a local dad sprang into san action to help deliver the little one. one 7:38. fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
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the risk of breast cancer cce survival.. researchers found with women who breast cancer who in order moree than five nights a week and slept less than six hours were likely to die from the disease.. researchers say this latesters study highlights the importancep of good night's sleep from forro breast cancer patients.atnt >> something a lot of parentsens do. do we're told to do, right? swaddle the baby to comfort thet and help them sleep but a b practice that can be deadly. swaddling babies may increasere the risk of sudden infant death risks went up more when swaddled baby was placed on their tummiem to it's recommended to use wearable blankets or sleep sacks instead. new study make the case fore not drinking diet sodas while wi pregnant. it says pregnant women whoenho consume diet soda are twice as e likely to have overweight children.ildren researchers say children exposed to the artificial sweeteners in the women can develop a sweetops tooth and that could cause theme to eat too much heavy calorieore food when they are born. speaking
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you'll see only fox5. f5 surprise delivery right on i270i in maryland.. >> amy tu was not due for another three weeks but on on saturday afternoon while drivini with her family she went intoo labor.labo they called their doctor whoeird told them to drive to shady shay grove hospital but baby evan who is so cute had other plans. p dad called 911 and he and his three other kids helped bring hb the newest addition into the world. >> i was saying that she's in ss labor and the baby is coming.. >> everybody took an active rolv of helping o had a four-year-old, um, eighthh grader and a junior in highh school and everybody was great. helping dad i think stay calm as well. we so i don't think he could havena done it without having them beee there as well.. >> how sweet. how sweet that face this morning they're t happy healthy family of six. >> that's great.. >> all ended well.. >> yes.>> still to come men who don't wear wedding rings why some men arene abandoning the tradition and thd question does it r
7:43 am
sarah fraser joins us with herer take >> steve has been married for 22 years. years. you never wear a ring yay!ay >> the social media giant facinc big time criticism this morningi for what you may not be getting. 7:43. ♪
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>> look at the white house thisw morning under rain once again.ra eek. we know what to expect t it's going to be surprise b
7:46 am
we see the sun. see tucker barnes.ars. >> tucker break down the recordr that we're set dag when it comet to this miserable >> i'm fairly sure today we'llow be day number 14 as long as wee get measurable ain't out at outa reagan national.reagan n we've already set -- set a-et record for the most consecutive days in a row in d.c. history with measurable rain at 13 and again today will be 14 with soms rain showers out there.he 60 now in washington. wasngto hey, at least it's nice mild start to your day.ay 58 in annapolis.apolis 58 in leonardtown. mid 50s in communities out toeso the west there mountains.ouai we're looking at 52 hagerstown t 54 in winchester.nchest. it's cloud cover.over it's rain shower activity. it's more of the same.he s sorry about that. that. i definitely take an um blame ul with it won't be raining every e minute today much of this actioo will real be in the morning. moi bit of a break this afternoon in you're headed down to the d t nationals game tonight it willmg probably be just cloudy with a h spotty shower or two. t but not ideal conditions here.e. still going to be soggy outgy there
7:47 am
been doing this pattern for weeks. the issue a fromm system kind od meander aig cross the area andgh we gete this warm more moist a pushing up over cool air at thee surface we call it overrunningvi that's causing the rain showersn at the moment.t. the pattern per sit tent to says the least and again that frontal system just kind of hanging outo in the neighborhood withd wit continue to give us clouds andol showers and then off to thed eno south and west thunderstorms.or we'll get those in the forecastf toward the end of the week whenk we finally get a cold front tort push through the area.shhrou take look at future cast. cast. you can see the shower activityt fairly light out lig there we are at noon and i think later this afternoon we mightftr get a break. you might get a peak or two witw sunshine we did yesterdayrd afternoon in a couple of spots and then we'll do the all overr again tomorrow.omor i don't know why i'm smiling. maybe i shouldn't be happy aboub that. there's tomorrow at 1:00 o'cloc0 with the showers ret ourning.eti here's your seven day. d. 65 today. 70 thursday, friday, again theregan could be some periods or peeksdo of sunshine in the next coupletl of days but the theme is clouds and showers. sho maybe a thunderstorm friday.y
7:48 am
weekend saturday is not going t be wash out that might be a few showers kind of mid to late lat afternoon and then sunday lookso nice with dry conditionsondion sunshine just like mother's days upper 60s.upr 60s should be very pleasant sunday. all right.. roads.road more and more of a problem.of po what's up erin. >> 7:48. we're dealing with huge delays y outer loop right now completelyt jammed in bethesda getting gti reports of a bus fire taking oui the right lane. l you can -- 395 northbound jammed at edsall that's because of ase stalled vehicle. but look at that outer loop slos down from the 270 spur all thehe way down past river road just rj huge slow downs on the outern t loop. some breaking news in bethesdahe this mning. aside from that we'll switch iti over to a lowlier look at ourato maps and show was else you're uu against coming in from fairfax a 60 on the eastbound side out by 123 involving a tractor trailer and jammed all the way back to 234. 66 eastbound coming fromoming om manassas through centerville yoy need to allow for a a lot of aoo extra time this morning. 395 delay a stall taking out two lane
7:49 am
from south of the springfieldine interchange past that point tt t dealing with huge delays then again as you cross the 14thhe 1h street b keep in mind the westbound sideu of the freeway we are dealingea with a crash out by sixth street southwest. that's causing backups to the bs third street tunnel.d ne all your inbound bridges are slow. gap southbound jamming from 123m on in.on crash in fredericksburg on thecb northbound side of 95 causingid9 delays from stafford. fro all metro rail lines on time ont except for the silver line. l we are dealing with residual rid delays from earlier mechanicalei problem out by largo town center. outer loop completely jammed jam again bus fire in bethesda we'lw keep you posted on that one.t o that's your traffic.'sr tr back to you. >> all righty, erin, thank you. sarah fraser joining us live this morning for today's tuesday talkers.talkers. >> hi, fras. >> hi, to you., y first we're talking about -- au- >> about the book grit which is a mom and a doctor says thats it's okay actually for kids too quit.quit. especially sports so i know thi is fascinating of course n
7:50 am
area sports are >> oh yeah.>>h yeah. >> soccer is enormous. >> parents pushing kids a lot.ot >> a lot, right? but this booko is all about the childrenldre actually learn valuable lessons from when they quit and in factf a kid will not stick withti w something that they're noty'reot passionate >> okay. >> her whole book -- it's a really great article and a great read about it but her whole w thing is the only rule you can'c quit on really hard day.ay okay f you're doing a sport andd it's raining and the coach is ch awful you can't do that but shee does say after awhile, where the children kind of, f theyoff t continually don't like pianoia lessons you should let them quiq that opens up their time to actually find something that they're passionate >> i guess that's whatss -- myt issue is.sue i because we went through this. >> did you.>> dou >> yeah. we went through this, and my m issue is, okay, you don't wantot to do this, so what do you wantw totter, because i think that t sometimes you don't want to doa anything. i mean sometimes i don't want td do anything, but --- >> true. k i have to work and i have tor parent and i have to do all thal kind of stuff. of st
7:51 am
that's my issue.ue as long as there's something tog fill it with i think that kids should do something. >> i think it's different ifdifi it's something that they havet been lobbying to do if they'reo' like mom i really want to do this, they shall see it through if it's somethingt that you're y like, i want to you play soccerr then they do it no, this isn't't for me you shouldn't stand in sd their way if there's something g they can do they have moree m passion about.ssio abo >> she breaks it down in age group. elementary kids should be able d to stick with something for ah couple of week.socouple once you get t oof middle schos you shall have your kid see itha out for a seasoven in high schol perhaps two seasons.easons. >> i think that's great. thi >> don't quit on a bad day. >> yeah. >> build up defenses at some as point. >> i just think of all thethinoa sports and activities and, you know, again now that i'm older d wish i can play an instrument, but i actually -- i don't knowoo i'm thrilled with the things i t quit at. qu >> let me tell you something.tet >> it opened it up to thingsed that i love.that i'm glad my parents let me quit. >> sometimes parents see aim pan talent or something in a child c that maybe they don't see. i remember when scaler was younu
7:52 am
played the piano she has since s quit and we let her. she would sing all the way upayu and she had natural talent for it. >> okay. >> she didn't want to do it.t wa we said okay. anwed now, she's like, hey, cana play the guitar instead? i feel like as long as you'reou'r nurturing, right. that's an interesting topic topc though. >> i'm glad my parents let meetm quit basketball i have news for you i'm 5-foot three there is ns future there. >> i had a future but i had an unfortunate elbow to the face. c i won't bore you with that.h t >> let's talk about men who tk b don't wear their wedding rings.d >> more men and they gnive veryr high profile examples are not wearing wedding rings. r is it just the trend is kind off going away or does it mean more they gave jay-z, donald trump, prince william doesn't wear hish very often.. >> his dad does but his his grandfather didn't. didn't. >> they trade off. do you think the article goes oo to say more men who are not high profile will smith obviously obs he's high profile but more men e
7:53 am
do you think there's anything tt that. >> donald trump showing it off. >> obviously, if the man marrien it comes down to the man and hih wife want they are okay with. if she's okay with it that's fine. if she wants you to wear theear ring you should be wearing theri ring. if you don't it looks like lik you're doing something shady.ngy i didn't realize and tucker t brought this up how young thisos tradition is. in ancient egypt men wore someos type of ring and for thousandsas of years it disappeared in thiss country it wasn't until world uw war ii men started wearing rings that was mostly military andliya main stream not after the koreaa war. war. we're talking late '50's when w men really started wearingeang wedding rings.dding rings. >> what about jay-z, though.ouj- >> that's what i'm saying. >> i think a lot of men --en >> if it's okay with everybodyi involved in it that's fine. >> if your husband decided heedh wasn't going to wear it whatt w would you think?woul >> i would think, where is youru wedding ring? ring? >> exactly you're not okay with it. it's only because we have a weh precedent of him -- we apologize somebody feels the need to do no construction while we're doingon the show.
7:54 am
>> hard rain. rain >> i feel like if there's ahe precedent of wearing the ring r all of a sudden they don'tn th that's's wrd. >> okay. >> if you never wore a ring ain lot of men don't wear jewelry. >> yes. y >> i just thought it was it was interesting you may see thating rise in that >> don't stop wearing it withou letting your wife know that might be a problem. >> or low don't lose it, marks,s and then try to sake, okay. >> let's talk one more topic. >> this is great, new york city they have now pasp a basically human rights civil rights law that essentially neww york bars have to serve ao serve pregnant woman if she comes ines and the server actually has to h give her a drink if she wants it a little bit different in the there was some discretion ifsome they wanted to serve a pregnantn woman but not any more. so that's interesting, right? feel like if a i was bartender e that would be an awkward call.wa but in new york you have to giva them a drink if they want it. i. >> i mean it's not illegal.. so --- >> it's not illegal.t's >> it's tough to tell them notht to do it.. >> bartenders also havealav responsibility you can't
7:55 am
serve somebody so if somebody ii drunk and you serve them thenhe you're libel for that? tt? >> right. r >> are you going to be libel ifg something happens to this woman when she has ts drink?? >> great question. qst like you said you have to use tu that discretion if the personher has been drink organize not ifrg the woman comes in and a piercec to be sober and wants a drill d drink. >> it's not illegal.s no >> wouldn't that be a difficultf one. >> yeah, it would.>> yh, i >> i didn't want to drink onenk thing when i was pregnant. pregn i'm like, i didn't even drink >> do you remember when i wasree pregnant. >> bar snacks. >> so interesting as alwaysg asy sarah. >> great to see you guys. >> thanks,. >> check in with tuck kearsethkr barnes 7:55 with a look at the5h forecast.foreca >> thanks very much.>> t sarah you mentioned you wish you wanted to play an instrument. is me, too. >> the pam flute. f >> a flute solo, flute jam. >> something about you does looo like little elf. you could be a good little dward or evidential just like doing li your little flute thing.ute >> i wish i learned to play the pan flute when i was a ad >> you still have time, tuck. he let's go to the forecast.ecast. the sweet sounds i feel like i'k in the
7:56 am
>> 59 now in washington.ashito winds out of the north and east at 10. showers back in the forecast today at times it will be just t cloudy so i think by afternoon n most of the shower activity you see out there at the moment men should be well east of us. of but it's not going to beot beautiful day. we'll keep the clouds, the t humidity, temps in the mid 60s m in the forecast for the next couple of days.ple of d we are going to became upp towards the end of the week butf also increase the chances for unfortunately more rain andn and maybe thunderstorms by friday. a sorry about this.rry out we're kind of stuck in thisck i pattern for few more days. at least we're getting nice nic green lawns and that kind ofandk thing. we could probably mow our everye day. erin is back with a look at the roads not doing too well. too w >> breaking news for outer loopr commute. this is approaching river road.a just after river road you canoac see that scene blocking the t right shoulder shoulder right lane. earlier bus fire activityctiv blocking that scene looks liketi it's starting to clear these clt delays are very heavy fromery a before the 270 spur on
7:57 am
as you approach clara barton n n addition to that 270 southboundo completely backing up because oo this outer loop incident. let's go ahead and take look atk our maps. i'll show you heavy traffic in c the area.thea kind of drizzly wet roads rightg now and in addition to that,ha earlier crash on the inner loop by connecticut avenue cleared 270 southbound from gaithersburg to the beltway.. completely backed up bw parkway southbound slow westbound sidend of the freeway looking good. eastbound side of the freewayre has a crash by sixth streetthtr light. disabled car by edsall road 395a northbound an crash by 123 on 66 eastbound. take a closer look at thoset the delays any questions at erinione fox5 d.c. d we'll be back in just a few witt your 8:00 o'clock hour.
7:58 am
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this is fox5 news morning.ews right now at 8:00 o'clock, c live look outside at thehe southeast southwest freeway on this tuesday morning. mor it's may tenth, 2016. things moving pretty nicelytty n there.ther weather and traffic coming uptr for you on the 5'saf at 8:05. good tuesday morning.ay mni i'm allison seymour.eymo >> i'm instead of chenevey. chee welcome to fox5 news morning. mr first up 8:00 o'clock this 8 morning and happening today,haen metro general manager makingageg sure all of his top staff on thn same page when it comes toom t safety priorities.s paul wiedefeld is due to meeto e today with everyone of metro's 650 managers. wiedefeld announced that meetine during a wide ranging intervieww yesterday morning on fox5 newses morning.rn the general manager made itade clear those managers are
8:01 am
employees and will be helde h accountable for carrying out tho maintenance and the safetyaf vision of the transit system. big step forward in marylana today when it comes to births tr control for both men and women.n governor larry hogan will sign n new bill into law this morning that will eliminate co paymentss for birth control andbirt contraception.ntraceion. it will also require insurance n companies to cover the so-called morning after pill at no cost ns and men looking to get a vasectomy will no longer have to make a co payment. payme also today in maryland,, another baltimore police officem charged in the death of freddioe gray will be in court for pretrial proceedings. officer edward nero's trial setl to begin last month, a judge ordered his colleague officer garrett millel to testify against him.esti nero is facing assault, wreck less endanger many andany misconduct in office man accused of of killingili three people and injuring threei others in a shootnging spree tht spanned two days in two countiet in maryland will remain lockedke up. a judge has ordered 62-year-oldo eulalio tordil to remain behindn bars. tord
8:02 am
his ex stranged wife thursday night in prince george's county. and two other people ino other n montgomery county on friday. he did not speak during hisis first court appearanceppra yesterday. now if he is convicted, he facef live in prison.ri no parole. now to fox fox5 ex clues wee been reporting for week on theng elevated levels of lead foundfo atwater sources at d.c. public schools.ho >> city officials now who are a under fire because of thesef t concerns are speaking out exclusively to us here at fox5. our melanie alnwick joins us non live outside a minor elementaryt school in northeast. mel?l? >> reporter: good morning, mor steve and allison.e and son. minor elementary school here ise one of the schools that has hadd some elevate the lead test tes levels and interesting here it'i been in two different locationst in the school in two differentoe years so it has been somewhat unpredictable.icta now, of course, these have beene fixed but like many otheryth schools that had elevated ledtee tests, it's left a lot ofot o questions, and of course, thatra is when city officials reachedfs out to us yesterday saying thatt th
8:03 am
protocol. we spoke with the d.c. depth pep mayor of education and dc director of general service.. they told us they are apologiz apologizing for spotty recordkeeping and poor communication with schools andn parents. during the most recent round ofu water testing elevated levels of lead were discover at 17 sourceu in total of 12dc schools. 3700 sources were tested in all. but their records are complete l and some schools say they were w never notified. >> we were testing and takinges act we were not reporting it ant we needed to the that.ded to i apologize for thhaat.ogize tha that has been something we havee focused on to correct. >> what i'm focusing on how do h we never do this again and apology for making that failurei and for causing the panic and a scare that some parents are are feeling about this. >> reporter: the city has been b testing school drinking wateratr for lead since 2007.7. and is now expanded this tests t to cover all possibl
8:04 am
water sources.rc. so things like sink faucets ands spigots as well.ig wel city protocol is to put a filtee on something to test high andig retest it if the lead is still l too high the source must bee ste taken out of service until it ui can be completely replaced orr repaired.ired. depth pee mayor niles says a nen tagging and bar coding systemys will better track those teststs and retests.etests also, in a post to washingtoniai the department of generalmentge services says that it is going i to do all of this new expandedd testing by june 17t 17th beforef summer school begins they're bes testing rec centers as well.ersw just as a precaution to be aoe very protective for the kids in d.c. also, they say they're going toi make sure they do meadery mdery mediation and post those test tt results for the communities alsa they're going to be working witw charter schools to make sureur they get their testing and remediation protocols done as well. we live in northeast, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> mel, thank you very much.. >>
8:05 am
overseas in germany a deadly del stab tag train station outside of munich.of mich. police say a 27-year-old germanr national attacked four peoplerpl with a 95 killing at least oneet of them.he witnesses say the suspect sus expressed political motivationss during the attack. attack. this all happened just beforeusf 5:00 a.m. there on a platform aa a station near the end of the t commuter line. take look at this massiveasi tornado twisting through rural oklahoma yesterday.esterd this storm system to blame forme two deaths.two aths. several houses and businesses ad also were destroyed.oyed aerial video show thehow destruction. the winds strong enough to turne over tractor trailers.railer the storm threat not over yet. t millions of people in the plainp states still face the threat off wicked weather again today.od makes our rain all that muchhauc more matchable here.lee. >> yes. >> we've had pretty stable had atmosphere not evensphere nthunderstorms the last couplel weeks, but the videos justst amazing. am one out of colorado on sundayun into monday that was justus extraordinary.extr i don't know if you saw thatknow video or not.vide not >> no.>> >> incredible.>> incbl
8:06 am
of the world where it harmed ita anybody. >> that's good.>> t >> let's talk local weather.calh cloud cover, showers, drizzle, cool temperatures for this time of year it's all back in theinhe forecast this afternoon.on currently 59 at reagan nationala here's the good news.ew a little milder than it was 24 hours years ago. dulles 58. 5 55 at bwi marshals.. rain showers moving through.ough moat of it's pretty light.tty i think the heaviest of the raii today will be the first half ofi the day by afternoon it will be mostly just cloud cover and cooo conditions although we'll see al few scattered showers laterhors today.. so i'd keep an umbrella handy here. here ben heaviest of the rain todayhr will be the first half of the day and as far as the overallve pattern we're just kind ofndf unfortunately for a few more f m days stuck in clouds and cool co conditions and on again offga again rain showers do it again n today.y. 65 winds out of the north andt n east five to seven.east i have the seven day forecast fs which features a day of abundant sunshine.suns >> yes. >> what? >> and dry conditions. >> at some point in the next week.
8:07 am
week. >> eight days he >> we'll take look together.he >> coming up at 8:15. 8 let's check the roads. hi, rin., r >> as soon as we get thaton a gt sunshine tucker even challengene to you game of bocce ball. b >> we got better.e got delays are easing this is the outer loop between river roadiva and clara barton parkway. parkw you are still going to hitit heavier traffic earlier bus firr in bethesda taking out the righr lane that is under control.onol bust, again, you're till goinget to hit a ton of stop and go ando traffic from 270 spur as youou make your way down to claraa barton. clara barton and cabin johnabinh inside the beltway heavy as well.ll earlier crash inner loop by inn connecticut cleared.ared heavy delays linger there. t 270 from gaithersburg to theg spur very heavy. 95 southbound icc to the beltway and then bw parkway north and na southbound heavy traffic there.e two incidents on 395 inbound aod stall by edsall road taking outo lane and crash taking up the center rape near gap causing big problems.prlems. a crash on the westbound side os the freeway did
8:08 am
delays across the 14th streeth bridge. heads up for 66 eastbound.nd 123 there's a big crashigra involving a tractor trailer.r you are jammed solid from 234. steve? crunch time for the capsfot tonight the team wakes up in pittsburgh ahead game six tonight. it is a must win they're downus three games to good news for the capse , brooko will be back on the ice tonightg after being suspended threend t games for his hit.. if the caps win, game seven wiln be back at home at verizon veriz center on thursday night. >> meanwhile the nationalsnwle t making headlines with the deal a to keep steven strausburg insbg washington for the next sevenen it is a $175 million extension. that's 25 million per season ifa you're doing the math andath an official announcement isal aounc expected today.ed today the deal is the highest ever e given to a pitcher who'sho's undergone tommy john surgery.. meanwhile, bryce harper losingos his cool.ol >> we'll find out today he'll bl fined by the league for yellingi some let's just say
8:09 am
at an umpire. uir start the in the bottom of thet ninth the game was tied afterier the walk off win.the walk but it started earlier in then e inning. game tied at four. danny espinosa strikes national dug out doesn't likeoen the call. harp perp gets he points at the dug out and o says you're gone. g next batter was clint robinson n who hit a walk off homerun for the win.e win he ran back out on the field tod celebrate and pointed at the ump and cursed him out. his first eject this year.s y seventh of his young >> facebook under fire theebk un social network accused of political bias prince have a he secret son? the startling claia and what the man is now deman demanding.demand wisdom?wi >> i'm wisdom martin getting get ready for good day d.c. we talk live with tia and tamarm out with a brand new book and ba we'll test the one minute one mt workout. can you really get results in 66 seconds at a time? you don't want to miss it today.sst t fox5 news morning back in just j 30 seconds.
8:10 am
♪ now the road to the whitete house the polls are open in wese virginia this morning for thatot state's primary today. t recent polls show bernie sanders like l edge out hillary clintony in west virginia but likelyikely won't make any difference toiffe clinton's overall delegate leadl on the republican siden speaker house paul ryan says hes will not put his support behindb donald trump until after theyfte meet this supposed to meet on thursday. tu if the two cannot mend fencesmef ryan will step down as conco
8:11 am
national convention if trump trp asks him to. the two again have agreed to sit down and talk on thursday. the feds and the state of te north carolina now in legal in showdown they're suing eachuingh other over the state's so-callea bathroom the controversial law bans transgender people from using bathrooms that don't match thech gender on their birthth certificates. the justice department says that violates civil rights.ights a man claiming to be theto biological son of prince has filed court papers requesting aa dna test.a t the man who's name is carl lon williams claims his mother met e the singer back in july of 19766 and he was, dorks we have to sa this part, iv conceived. >> conceived in a hotel in kansas city.. williams, arc lot of l information. williams is currently in prisonp on weapons charge. c now if he is prince's son and a will is found, he would be the sole surviving legal hei to theo singer looses $300 millio
8:12 am
estate.tate >> what a will is not found. fnd >> if it is not found. >> um-hmm.>> um-hm >> worth a shot.orth ahot. >> yeah. maybe it's true. who knows? >> you never know. >> time will tell.el new record for instead of occuro fee first game back afterfter missing a few with the sprainhei knee. he scored an nba record 17 points in overtime. he finished with 40 points ands he didn't even start the game.e. came off the bench in warriors r win over the blazer.helaze curry is expected to be the league mvp again this year. announcement is expected eecte possibly even today.ibly etoday. >> coming up facebook sensorup what you see on your news feed? the new allegations and how theh social network is responding.ndn >> let's head back outside on oe tuesday morning.tues more rain out there today.ouere there's the capital dome. d 8:12 right now.ow it is 60 degrees in washington,n d.c. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
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♪ >> this is the song i requested. >> ♪ raindrops are falling on o your head ♪ >> you know the words.ou sing it. >> head... i've forgot tentt t words. la,, >> raindrops are falling on youn head. >> i used to really love thisvei song when i was a kid. that makes me happy.e happy. thank you.yo. >> do your kids know this song.. >> no. i don't think they know rain,k rain, go away, please come backb another day. day >> fred astair.>>d astai >> like tom jones or somebody.. >> i got to look it up. >> blood sweat and tears.od it was somebody. was i used to love blood, sweat and tears when i was a kid.s when is i was very mature as child. >> all right. >> speaking of children, tucker --er -- >> yes. >> what can you bring >>
8:16 am
need sunshine.. >> hello ballerina. >> to everybody and i think wenw have done it. >> we have done it. i >> all right.. everybody, say good morning to a.m. a. >> hi. >> she is sneaking in past our -- >> oh yeah.yeah. >> she's -- she's- >> oh! good right under -- righg after five. f she probably submitted this whew she was >> there you go. >> with a smile like that wea se absolutely love she's six years odd and goodod this she loves to read. >> okay. >> sing and dance. >> she's in her ballet outfit.ui what beautiful picture.. >> beautiful smile.. >> little dimples.e dimples. >> cute as can be. b >> aww.w >> that is about as much as sunshine as we'll see today. tod >> so cute.o . >> unfortunately.>> unf >> but it's great sunshine righg there.. >> thanks for sending in yourr picture tom send us your child'c picture go to our facebook pagee 55dc we'll try to get it up onon the air with
8:17 am
like that. >> dj thomas did >> i would never have gottenottn >> i know marlo thomas.rltho >> and her dad danny.. >> 59 in washington.ngto 53 new york.53 new yor all right.l ri so we're stuck in a rut here. h cloud cover, rain showers, on and off today.od best chance for rape will be tht first half of the day.lf of thed i think by afternoon generally r just cloudiness. cloudiness. somebody just tweeted me and jus asked me about the nationalsna game tonight. i would expect the nationalsd ex will play that game on time.atam it will be a little dreary outar there but probably won't be't raining a whole lot tonight. again, showers this morning this we'll get a bit of a break late today just some scatteredcatted showers but we'll keep thell kp clouds and cool temperatures we keep the overall dreariness inas the forecast for the most parttr right through the end of the dad and here's the hard part there't whole lot of improvement therovt next couple of days. cold front on friday we may pump the temperatures up ahead of may get a little
8:18 am
the weekend not a washout.asho saturday showers in thewers i te afternoon we may sunshine thesh first half of the day right nowt as promised a few minutes ago, , sunday looks sunny and bright b low humidity upper 60s near 70ea beautiful day to get out there t and mow the lawn that will needl to be mowed at that point.toi >> after all this rain you y better believe it.bett >> yeah. >> i think i like the andyike ta williams version of this song. >> okay. >> a lot of people covered it. r i'm trying to remember who imbe liked from my past. >> i had no idea there were so r many versions. >> six more days of rain you'll have plenty of chances. cha >> let's play all of them.of t let's do it.t's do erin g morning. g >> makes me sad. >> i know. >> too much rain.>> a lot of big problems on ours or roads. 66 east by 123 crash involving a tractor traffic completely jammed fromm 234 to that point. p blocked bite trees there buthe blocking the right shoulderig right lane so please be preparee for that. fo you're looking at about a 38 a minute delay from 234 to 12323 again almost parked leadingeadi towards that
8:19 am
right now. that is not the only problem.. 66 eastbound dealing with thatia crash. inner loop completely jammed from the springfield interchangh through annandale a crash on tha outer loop in bethesda involvinl an earlier bus fire underire und control blocking the shoulder. s it's between river road and rd a clara barton.barton very very heavy traffic the trac entire stretch of the outer loot starts about 95. abo dealing with two problems on 395 inbound.inbo earlier disabled vehicle atdicla edsall road moves over to thevet and a crash taking out lane by e gw parkway. huge delays from south of theh f springfield interchange 95 95 northbound those delays run inti a point. 270 jammed father hurl tollr h clapper road and again as your n try to get on to the belt youelu need a lot of extra time. t any questions about your commuty at erin fox fox5 d.c. on twitter >> facebook being accused of byf some of having political bias. >> former employees were told t prevent stories pertaining to political, prosecution politicat party from trending. tndin our holly morris joins us to tell us how some are not likingg this. i had had to do it. i >> it's interestg
8:20 am
say all the time use the subjective.bjective. except when an algorithm isorit supposed to be picking theicking topics.tocs. former employees of the facebook known as news curators areurator speaking out about what is w trending on facebook. the trending topic column thatun appears at the top of facebook'o page designed to highlight hig stories that are being discusses a lot by facebook users aroundud the world.orld. but former employees say theyhe were told to stop the trend and actually bury stories that werew about republican andnnd conservative issues such as cp cpac. commentator glenn beck or mittt romney or even if they were if w trending to still go ahead and a bury them then say even moren they were told to inject inj particular stories into thento t trending news section.on. these allegations came ass me facebook founder mark zuckerberb publicly denounced the policiese of likely u.s. presidentialdenta nominee donald trump. facebook insists zuckerberg'sker political views do not influencu the what's trending on facebookc in fact facebook spokesperson says th
8:21 am
"we take allegations of bias ofb very facebook is a platform fortfor people and perspectives from pee across the political spectrum.. trending topics show you the t popular topics and hash tagss that are being talked about on facebook. there are rigorous guidelines is place for the review team to t ensure consistency and neutrality.lity these guidelines do not permitet the suppression of politicalofol perspectives nor do they permit the prioritizatyon of oneyon o viewpoint over another or on ono news outlet over another. ano these guidelines do not prohibio any news outlet from appearingrg in trending topic. tic former employees also go on to n 11 that they were actually actua discouraged from promotingti stories about facebook itself. s which is important to point out because that means they were told to manipulate couldn't atct the present time to some extente >> right. >> if they were told to notey promot we facebook stories evenn they're >> right. >> does to mean they then edited other stories that were tren
8:22 am
subjective. >> exactly. it's like until might haveike happened. >> i think it's likely. >> i would do the thumbs up that it was likely. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> all right. we like you holly. >> thanks al. >> all righty.>>ight >> still ahead a popularul celebrity opening up about aing struggle she has with anxiety ax and depression.ress why kristen bell decided to deco share her story coming up. >> bruce springsteen announcesns his summer tour dates. we'll let you know when the boss will be here in our area again.. next.xt.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ how does he look so great?? >> does he look gray.ook y. he has a lot of energy, too. t >> he work out a ton. a t >> is that right.>> i >> oh yeah.s >> i was hoping you would givewd me a ma he will lick sir. s >> go sweat it off for 3.5 hours in front of 25,000 people orr 45,000 if you're talkingal baseball stadiums.di he will be at nats park in september.septem september 1st to be the river tour continues ticketc go on sale friday.. season ticket holders have preee sale on thursday.hursda so pretty much the same showe s that was at verizon center ander in january.ry. >> late january. jua >> going to be coming even morer people at nats park. park >> you sure it's the same tour.t >> still the river tour.our.
8:26 am
>> it says riff tour.ys rif t >> okay. it's the river tour. tou >> there you go.>> t >> there it i saw it in january. >> he's our boss in --n >> like a boss.oss. >> steve. >> he's like a boss.s >> 59 now in washington.ashingto winds out of the north and eastt at 10. cool day today.coolay mid 60s for daytime highs.ig. clouds, yes. >> yes.>> y >> showers, check. >> what else?lse? >> damp conditions, check. >> gloomy, all of the above. abe all right.ig there's your storm tracker rad radar. showers moving through the region heaviest to our south all morning. most of the stuff should move me out by late morning.e mni later this afternoon, yes, we'lw keep a scattered shower in the e forecast. we'll also keep the clouds andud cool conditions but i think the bulk of the measurable rain wiln be the first half of the day.. hey, think about your lawns your gardens, your vegetables ifabs you're growing.rowi all of our farming interests wew are off to great start as far as rain. just think about the muss tus mushrooms growing in your yardoy soon, allison.ison. >> um-hmm.m
8:27 am
contest last year. that's right. i don't think i've seen any pop up yet.po i told you high mystery molee yesterday.yest >> sorry about that.or >> it's good.d >> if you want good mushroomd mr growing you can't be mowing. >> you got to have long and luxurious.luxuriou >> the best part that.t looks like my mike is off. i it looks like it's on but theute battery is growing.rong >> tucker to the rescue. >> ♪ >> hero for weather and traffic. i was just saying the best part of that action was steve' ste expression always.sion alway >> i forgotten what thegottenhat expression was. it was just a little bit perplexed. he was humor.he right now traffic bad. 66 eastbound at 123.. earlier crash did clear.le traffic remains heavy about 35 5 minute delay from 234 to 123. 1 tucker taking off his jacket so we'll toss it back to you guys.y >> that part was unnecessary ala he needed to do was hold thedhe microphone.micrhone >> just trying to help.usyi
8:28 am
>> i appreciate that. >> this is a clown show righthoi here. can we get the prompter please.p thank you still to come facelif in a bottle something that coulu make wrinkles disappear in ann instant.stant dr. mike joins us with the us we details next.t >> it's interestingntesti ground-breaking even.akineven kevin mccarthy still in london.n he's pressure off the red carpec at the new x-men apocalypsee movie. movie. we're back with that as well. see in two minutes.
8:29 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ steve, isn't that from the albub you released in '78. >> it didn't stelle very i'm surprised they found this fd cut. >> i appreciate you. i >> got me here. >> even if no one else e >> thanks al. thankl. fighting off the effects of agea we spend tons of money each year for procedures to make us looksl younger, right here in the facef good wealth, today the beautyhet world buzz over new science about so-called second skin. a possible facelift in a bot bot toll. to fox' doctors mike cirigliano joins us this morning.s ushis good morning, dr. mike.e >> allison, steve, how are you,w guys? you look fantastic. >> even under the eyes. e you sure we look okay. >> we could look a little bett better. >> you don't need anything. perfection.on. >> allison, oh, my gosh. aon, >> any way.>> aay. >> dr. mike, in the meantime, wink, wink, if i wanted to get o little touch up, tell us about this second skin. ground-breaking, right? >> you know, i love the expression better living througg chemistry.chem i think dupont founded thatt phrase.
8:32 am
>> but the bottom line using science and using technology wel can come up with amazing thing.. so the second skin is something using this compound which ishiso painting it on it's moisturizing and it can reduce wrinkles wantw i love about it it can be used for sore rye is that so and ao n lot of potential with this, anda the thing is, it's non invasive. so you apply it to the you might put sunscreen on it so it doesn't come off in the water. i think there's a lot ofk the's potential promise with this anda any time we can get away without surgery -- >> right. >> and do something like this, i'm all for it allison.ll >> you talk about the fact for sore rye yas and medical needsic you know it's going to be usedae for cosmetic needs as well. as l when i looked up this, it saidd it could last for more than a day. da does this mean it's the kind ofd
8:33 am
daily just like make up? >> well, maybe, maybe not. n i think it's still very very early in its development and use potential.. but let me tell you something, t steve, if it makes you lookook better, people would apply it it every 15 minutes. mut >> true. >> so i don't think i'mo i do worried -- i mean, come on.ome people will do whatever it take to make them look better andetrd look younger.lookounger i think it's a win/win situatiot as far as i can tell. but time will tell. t and you need to have a whole lot of people try it to see if ther are any side effects reactions,, things like that.things >> then we need to s lee the prp tag. tag. >> it should be pretty expensi expensive. paint it on solution takes polll miler. mi maybe for photo shoot oro sho or something. let's talk about a condition thi a* lot of people live with and they keep on getting up andng up going out there in the world thr with every day, anxiety and and depression.eson and it always helps when hel w celebrities come out and say, is suffer from t
8:34 am
>> well, you know when i lookedd at the story, when you look at celebrities, you never -- you just assume they have theume eyh perfect life. l unless you hear about horridboud things with michael jackson ands stuff like that. t but you know, you look at theset actresses and actors they lookos so good. g you just think, life is just a bowl of cherries for them. t but it's not. and if you look at thethe statistics, anxiety and depression affect millions andsd millions of americans, and if ii had anything to do with healthea care reform, the one thing i t would do is i would start screening young children early in grade school to see if they f suffer from depression ornr anxiety because the consequences and lot of work time, tremendous increases in risk of alcohol ana substance abuse all of thesese things can be absolutely avoided with early
8:35 am
and so that would be my key roll input into how we make ourur country healthier. healt >> you know, dr. mike, thatike, might be when the stigma ofa mental illness truly is lifted l when we look at it just like a physical, we get physicals evers year. let's get a mental check upck up every year, too.everyear that's genius. >> well, allison, you can'tou separate the mind from the body. that's what chinese medicine isc all about.all t. >> exactly.>>xact >> so if there's harmony in -- disharmony in the mind there'sit going to be disharmony in the te body.dy look all around with traffich t events with guns and thing.gunst i think a lot of this could beod remedied by early interventionvt of depression and anxiety, let's get these kids taken care of o early. so that they don't have problemp later in life.later >> all right. rig dr. mike, we'll leave it there for now. always good to see you.ood to y. >> um-hmm. >> go capitals!? >> yes! >> i'm begging you.
8:36 am
ovechkin.ovhkin. where you been. >> alex. >> dr. mike, we love you. if alex if you're listening,x where are you, man? come on, alex. come on! >> let's's g >> thanks, mike. good to see you.go >> i want win. i w >> love you guys. >> of course kristen bellen b celebrity coming out and sharins her story.ory >> it makes a big you see somebody like that step up you feel like it's okay forsa >> right. >> it's okay for me. it' >> hi, guys. >> this weather, you know,no causing a lot of people to feele a little blue actually.y. ♪ ♪ >> is this your version? >> differ version. >> this is the one i'm moreis t familiar with. >> is this the one you love. >> um-hmm. >> should i do the weather. weah >> you should. it makes me happy on gloomy day. we're looking at cloud cover c rain showers continue across the area and, yes, they'll keephell falling on your head.ou by afternoon maybe just cloud cover with, yeah, unfortunately rather gloomy conditions set ton continue here for our tuesday.ed 58 now in dulles. bwi marshall and upper 50s at reaganga national.
8:37 am
we've had pretty good band off rain shows showers moving through the last couple ofst c hours. much of this activity will windt down by late morning. morning. i think during the afternoonften hours it will generally be cloudy. might be a pick peek or two ofo sunshine with a few additionaldi showers developing but again the shower activity later thislate afternoon will be on the lighthg side.side cloudy with showers. shors mid 60s. hold the temperatures down witht the clouds and showers out shors there. winds out of the east at five ts seven. coming up i'll have the sevenhe day. got a little sunshine on it i ii promise. that will be in just a couple ou minutes. erin is back with a look at -- a everybody coming up to the up weather center today.nter today >> a popular spot to be.ularpot >> how is that mike working. isk >> working again.>> wor i can't thank you enough fort k your team work.eawork team work makes a dream work,or, tucker. i can't believe i just saidi that. we'll get right to traffic. some days i just say thingghs ad i wish i hadn't but there's no e take backs. right now, we have really heavy traffic. this is 66 on the eastbound sidd earlier crash involving a ag a tractor 30 minute delay from 234
8:38 am
let's move it over right now anw take look and show what elseha e you're up against as you make yk out -- make your out with a looa at our maps. our right now traffic is very slow.s we have a crash 95 northbound bn the springfield interchange int blocking the shoulder. sulde disable car by edsall road on 395 northbound the cleared to the shoulder and a crash sceneeh blocking the shoulder 395 by gw parkway.parky. gw parkway southbound extremelyy jammed 123 to the key bridge.dg earlier crash in bethesda betsd involving a bus fire cleared tor the shoulder.houl heavy traffic remains from fro before 95 all the way past the e spur as you head down towardsow clara barton. clara again even though that crash dia clear through fairfax you can c see that big delay holdingding strong.stro 95 northbound in stafford sff remains very heavy across the as wilson bridge.on b inner loop remains jammed.d. 295 from the bottom of thetoof beltway through lavatory road r very parked with traffic.ic same story 295 on the other sids of town.ofown little river turnpike remainse i shut down with overturned ourned vehicle crash investigation.vesn between braddock and old andld columbia pike.lumbia pik extra time there.extrtime there. metro is on time right now grabw your umbrella before you head out fo
8:39 am
steve. >> still to come this morningcoe what's the worst time to be ont the road? when road wage rage r is at peak? new study out.. important information toantt have plus keeping the housese clean. surprising amount of time thatt women spend doing work around the house each week. um-hmm.
8:40 am
what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
8:41 am
you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. car size not a factor whense it comes to road mother nature is.
8:42 am
august at about 6:00 p.m. the angry yesterday time fory yester drivers. researchers look at hundreds of instagram posts under the hash e tag road rage to fine out.e o los angeles has the most roadoso rage. d.c. comes in number 13. fridays in at 6:00 p.m. for the ladies it is fairlyi all about that work work workorw work. >> it's all about that work worw work work work.wok >> i was setting up to sing. >> new study found women spend s at least 24 hours each week making things tidy at home. some women spend 51 hours cleaning up a week.. for many the hours spent on housework sky rocked ---- >> 7.5 hours a day. d >> had children.hild >> 7.5 hours of day of just hou cleaning.ea >> every single day of the year? >> um-hmm. >> seems a lot. >> it does seem like lot.ik >> i do know, though, trueru when i go home, like ior just gs right to work. >> yeah.>> yea >> ♪ >> there y
8:43 am
wanted. ♪ >> okay. thank you bad gallery row.bad g coming up changes could soon -- changes could soon be coming to the king of beers. b what budweiser, thank you, now,n wants the beer to be called at t least for the summer.asfor >> live from kevin sits down with the cast of x-men apocalypse including oscar winner jennifer lawrence. lawrec we're back in just two minutes.t ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know and what you don't know what if it's built with better ingredients given super powers and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder is it still paint? find benjamin moore paint, only at one of our authorized retailers near you.
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♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store.
8:46 am
♪ >> reminds me of saturday night, steve, remember? >> no. >> late night. >> what happened saturdays boysy >> late night at the they're closing it it steve, we got to go.e got to he's like one more dance.. >> um-hmm. >> you're like, okay. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> sometimes i just don't knowok where his mind -- >> it's best just oh sayh do you the right thing all theha time. >> we have synchronized moves. >> do you.o >> like ice skating. >> night at the rocks berry. >> exactly. ectly >> very bad.ery b >> all right. right. >> what's this? >> ♪>> >> i don't know.on is this walking music.'ting sic >> it doesn't feel like it. ♪ >> what we got going here? h >> laugh la. >> okay. help me out. i don't know what to do with this. >> just do you, tuck. >> awol nation.awol nation. >> i want to dance but i can'tun let go here. >> it's just groove.e >> just kind of -- yeah. yeah >> interesting choice but i liku
8:47 am
>> all right. >> i'm working on new move forov tomorrow.rr you just wait.u just wait. >> what are you going to do.are >> i got to practice it a littll bit. the not quite ready yet. yet >> believe me. >> when things go badly for me r they go really badly. bad i have to be careful. 59 in washington.n washing 57 in annapolis.n annap all right.all ight. so here's the deal with ourur forecast today.od look a lot like yesterday.esteay mid 60s for daytime highs. highs rain showers in the forecast.. particularly this morning. m we'll keep the threat of at shower in the forecast laterthe this afternoon but most of youry day will just be kind of grayray and gloomy out there with the temperatures in the mid 60sid there's your rain showernwe activity moving through the lasg couple of hours, and we'lls, continue to be with us here fore the morning hours then as we gee into the afternoon again it wilw give way to generally cloudyloud conditions you might get a peekm of sunshine. s yesterday late in the day weay developed a little sun andun certainly a unfortunately, no real let upalp here in the overall pattern,tern which for us means cloud coveror with on again off again rain ran showers for the next couple of days. in fact i don't think thei do pattern will really break downrd until perhaps
8:48 am
start to get some more sunshinen in here. here. we'll get a cha tons dry the out again. ag mild mid 60 we should be in thet it will 70s little cool for this time of year. the front responsible for theler cloud cover and showers is justs to our we're on the north side of thint so that means a bit of a stablea atmosphere for for no thunder in the forecast todat as we get into the end of the week, as we strong cold frontolo approaching we'll introducentroe thunderstorms as well.ell. notice 1:00 o'clock losing the e consistent pattern showertern so activity we're just scatteredca and will be scattered thisscatts afternoon going to the gamen go tonight down at nats park that a will happen without incident.en without weather incidentout although there could be a showec out there tonight.tonig and then guess what? we'll do l it all over again tomorrow herew we are tomorrow at noon withith unfortunately more showers inree the forecast and thursday andday friday with a cold front. it's just unfortunate we'retee' stuck in the muck here for theue time being.ti 65 today. we do warm it up into the 70s os better by the end of the week.e. again strong cold front friday i kick up thunderstorms weekend ie not a wash i think there's some scattered showers late in e
8:49 am
sunday looks fantastic upper 60r with sunshine. again, i apologize for the for forecast i'm getting a lot a l tweets about people that are --a >> tuck, you can't do anythingoc about it.about it >> no longer content with rainir and clouds. cud >> it will make the sunshine -- we'll embrace it even more.e. >> let's check in with holly ana wisdom find out what's coming uo on good day in just a few f minutes. we've got a lot aid head on gooo day. we'll start with fox5 exclusive. city officials speak out about lead in some water sourceu at d.c. schools. schls >> also, developing thisghi morning, will the nats goldenol boy we're talking about bryce ae harper get fined for his foul fl language?lang >> all new at 9a1 viewer has problem.m. her boyfriend talks baby talk tk her. >> goo-goo.>> goo. ga, ga baby. >> what? sarah fraser is back b to tackle this one.s o >> all new at 10:00, the one, to minute workout.orkout we put it to the to see it if it works. >> wait to see who will beto sel showing us,, th he might have been on empiremp last week. wee >> really. >> i'm just saying. ius >> we'll talk live also to tia
8:50 am
and tamara mallory about their e new children's book.ilen's boo >> good day d.c. a few minutes away. >> just want to pinch those teet see wincey cheeks. >> that would be a deal breaker. >> i thought you were in youere recovery.recovery. apparently not.apparently n >> 8:50 right now.ght n. >> well, let's talk about theut mighty bison, shall w the united states has now an official national mammal.nal mma yesterday president obama signen a law giving the bison thatha title. bison once roamed north americah by the millions but hunting in i the late 1800's nearly pushed pe the population to extinction.xt. what are you doing? you got --o his back is >> got to roll looks like a big puppy. puppy with the help of conservationset efforts the american bisonnis population is near 30,000.0, once again in north america. >> don't want to scratch him onn the nose like a puppy dog.e a p. >> no. he's a good looking animal. ama big changes come to go popular beer this summer.mer
8:51 am
name looking to paying pin patriotism to whole new level by replacing budweiser on bottlesot with america.. same font, same script justri america instead of budweiser.sta the company is looking toto capitalize off american duringin its height during the summer. memorial day, fourth of july, olympics. the only problem they're not ann american company any any a little footnote.ootn ♪ >> i like the idea.e i we heard from folks on twitter dough lien it. i i think temporarily it would beb nice nice collector's item. >> today's fox beat kevin is on the move today fresh off the ret carpet for the premier of x-men apocalypse. he's headed to cannes france. f. >> let's check in with him firsf in london before he gets oneetsn board the train or plain or plao automobile to get there. the >> reporter: steve and allison l good morning. mor by the way i heard a topic youoc were doing later on in the shows with the baby talk thing. >> yes. yes. >> is some baby talk okayka because i mean -- i've beene dating for laura
8:52 am
we have certain words we say. ws is that not normal.t notma >> if it works for you andor lauren, then it works.or >> i mean -- it doesn't work fof this lady. it's an advice -- we're givingen advice later.advice l >> and we don't need to knowdo what those words are, kev. wordk >> nor when you say y h >> no, no, it's notsot inappropriate at all.t it's like a shorthand kind of thing. i was just curious if it was a s negative thing in ahi in a relationship. i was interested --erested >> fit works for you. forou >> i agree with al. i a >> it work for you.>> >> as long as you're happy. ing' >> that's h >> what are you there talkinge o about today. >> give us your x-men -- not ini baby talk.k. >> no. >> which super per hero would bl the best baby talker.alke >> that's a great question, queo steve. i had a movement like you last night. ni by the way steve is the besthe when it comes to puns in regards to jokes.okes so last night steve i was on thw red carpet for x-men apocalypsey it was raining here in london and the actress who plays storms in the movie obviously hallealle berry played her in the original x-men film new actress when shen came up to me we did a whole
8:53 am
cough the storm in london last l night. >> there you go. there you go. >> steve would be proud of thisb >> i wish i was there, buddy.ud i wish i was there.he everybody on the carpet las night. jenn for lawrence everybody froo sophie turner and game ofe thrones, olivia monday wasy was there. it was a big night for theorhe movie, a huge global fan event.t fans wrapped around the theater. it was great premier.mier. movie opens up may 27 in this 2s washington, d.c. and here's the cool thing. the so jester i sat down with the t whole cast.e ca i sat down jennifer lawrence and james mca soy if you saw dead d pool made well over $700 millioo at the box office. box oice. they made fun of x-men in that movie. mo the reason why that's funny isun because dead pool is in then the x-men universe essentially.ti so i sat down with james mca soy to find out what he thinkss professor x his character wouldu say to dead pool if they can meet. check this out.ut >> i have to bring this up, ts because obviously dead pool camo out ea
8:54 am
>> yeah.>>eah. >> best lines in that in this -i >> he hasn't seen see >> i have, i loved it. i >> great people acting and stuff?uf >> he only like watchinge on lik himself. >> i got to bring up that line. the scene colas is that so is dragging dead pool away -- i've heard of it.. >> i'm so pleased to ever getver mentioned in movie like my actual name. it happens once or twice b it happened in funny people as wels i'm sitting there watching funny people, whoa! in the cinema.. i'm taking -- he goes mcavoy oro stew war these timelines are so confusing he makes fun of x-menm a lot in these films.ilms. >> he's jealous because heause wasn't invite. >> how would professor x respono to dead pool's jokes making fung of the x-men.-men >> i'd just go like chill, man. be unfenn knee for a second. s >> i think charles got a prettys good sense of humor. if we would
8:55 am
leash and allow pg13 we'd roll with it pretty good. >> let me explain the video youo just saw.just. the end of that for people whoe didn't watch 6am that's me run owing an green treadmill withllt this epic quick silver wig on. o i did yesterday when i was hereh doing the interviews, and it wa the coolest thing ever becauseau you know me i'm a big fan of o behind the scenes stuff intu i movies famous scene in x-menn x days of future past quick silvee is running around the room.m. allison you saw that move ze remember that scene when he wasw running around the room stopping the bullets and everything. >> i loved that scene and i t loved that actor.haved that act >> he's also americae horror stories. sto in this new movie he does theoet exact same thing again.gain. yesterday they let us be in thit room and i was on green treadmill and reuniting thattint scene it was the coolest thing g ever.ever. go to facebook kevin mccarthy fox i saw a five minutn behind the scenes look how we did
8:56 am
>> we loved you doing that.d yoa i retweeted it. i think steve has, too., t it's a >> i saw a tweet from tuckermuce about it.out tune into the 9a. i'll have my interview with ava green. i'll be live from can tomorroww figure out how we're supposed te say it. >> i think it's cannes i'll goo to mcdonald's and order royal with cheese. >> of course you are.f >> justin timberlake willco beee there at 12.ther 12. i'll have more from ftha >> take him one. thim >> oy will.>> oy will. that's great idea. gre he has the song of the summer. m i love that song he has out h right now. right now. >> good. tell him we love his >> all right, kev. rig >> walking into the interviewinr have that song playing on youryn cell phone.ce phone he'll love it for you.ou >> steve, that's great idea.a. i'll have some pun waiting fog g him as well.him as w >> see you later, kel.v. >> love you.ou >> love you, too. >> 8:56. .tuckern with tucker >> i was there many years ago. a it's cans.s. >> tuck, for some reason when it comes to globe trotting i'll go' with kevin.wi >> me, too.
8:57 am
winds out of the north and eastr at 12. 12. i was actual film many yearsrs ago. don't remember exactly all thele details but i had a good there's your rain shower activity. i was younger man, err inn. i younger man.r m i've learned since then.. >> growing the hair back.air bac >> rain shower activity is witht us for the morning hours. just clouds this afternoon witht some scattered showers laterwert today. 65 your daytime high.ig there's your seven day.even keep the clouds in the forecastr fort end of the week with wit showers open day. all right, erin, back with roa roads. >> i baby talk your trafficlk y report for you to ease the blowe but i'm just not a baby talk bal kind of girl.kind oir right now, heavy trafficraff lingering. we have a crash 95 northbound nh blocking the shoulder before the springfield interchange. light rain in the area causing i slick conditions. jam packed 295 inbound from thet bottom of the beltway and fromm the top side of the beltway soey be prepared for slow roll theree even though earlier crash 66 eastbound did clear by 123 you're still sacked from 234 onn keep it to fox5 news morning. mi get an early start. start good day at 9a coming right upig if you can stick around for i
8:58 am
it will be a great show. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
8:59 am
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ity who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me ♪ straight ahead, what gives mother nature? we're 10 days d into may and it's rained every single day. so when will it actually startla to seem like spring? metro's general manageran making good on his promise to make safety a top priority.y. what he's doing today to helpo l the transit agency get back on